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Social Responsibility - In conjunction with the International Lions Club and specifically with the Lions Club of "Grooteschuur" in Cape Town.

Zeekoegat School

A farm school based in Oudtshoorn the capital of the "Little Karoo" which we have been involved with for the past 4 years, collecting funds for the upgrading of their basic needs.

  Social Responsibility - School Children

 Social Responsibility - Crèche

Currently the school has 86 learners from grade 1 to 6 with 3 full time teachers. At present two grades have to share classrooms with one teacher due to limited resources, we also have a crèche with 43 children which used to be housed in the same buildings as the school. Due to increased numbers of learners we have had to move the crèche into a new steel construction which was built utilising funds generously donated by both international tourists and local businesses with a social conscience.

Description of Project and Needs:

School: Building of a new school is needed. We are currently having building plans drawn up by a local Architect who has done work for the Department of Education and knows all the requirements to fulfil their requirements. We are in the process of collecting funds for the actual building of the school currently estimated to cost in the region of ZAR 3 000 000.00.
We also need: Computers, Desks and School Uniforms

Crèche: Although this building is new, in order to make it comfortable for the children we need the following items:

  • A small kitchen in which to prepare meals for the children of both the school as well as the crèche, this can be the only meal that these children get in a day,
  • Mattresses on which the children can take their naps.

Due to the variation of weather in the “Little Karoo” and the building material used for the crèche being steel, we urgently need

  • cooling fans for summer; temperatures can reach up to 40 deg C and
  • heaters for the winter; temperatures can reach 0 deg and below


 Orphanage Swaziland

 A Devoted Swazi born Priest has opened both his heart and home to about 40 aids orphans. The children both live with the priest and his family as well as with his parishioners in and around the community, due to Swaziland being one of the poorest of the Southern African Countries they get very little or no assistance from the state.

  Social Responsibility - Church

 Social Responsibility - Orphans

Description of Project and Needs:
We have a semi completed church building, which will double as a school and counselling facility once it has been finished. Our first requirement is the purchasing and erection of the roof on the building, we have received quotation’s for the supply of the roofing material of ZAR 90 000.00.

What is also needed is clothing and basic school equipment.

Our future plans and requirements will be posted on this site in due course

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